Saturday, June 10, 2017

3 Bulan di Indo :") - June 4

Mongggooo keluarga dan teman terkasihku :)

I hit my 3 months in Indo on the 1st and I hit my 6 month on this mission on the 7th.. HOW CRAZY IS THAT!! Time seriously flies. I really was just in the MTC 2 weeks ago!?!?!

Mukjizat- On Pday last week, we were cruising along and it started to rain, so then we started bike our little hearts out and head home. We were crossing this street when two bules and an Indo crossed the street on the other side, and right at that moment, we all made eye contact, and so I yelled out from the middle of the street, "WHERE ARE YOU FROM?!?!?!" We started to talk for a solid 40 minutes. The two bules are from Germany, and the Indo is from Solo! He was showing his friends around Solo and we had the chance to chat, testify of Christ, and give them a pass along card.

Later that week, we got a call from our Zone Leaders, asking us if we met a Mas Ari,, and we remembered that we met him with his German friends on Pday! Well Mas Ari decided to go on from the pass along card, and he started to read about the Church of Jesus Christ, and then placed an order for a free copy of THE BOOK OF MORMON!! The Elders visited him and Ari said that when he met us, he was so astonished as to how there was this glow around us, and that he felt the love of Christ from us. His German friends felt the same way too.. and THAT IS THE POWER OF A PASS ALONG CARD MY FRIENDS!! Mukjizats everywhere, you just need to talk to everyone and look for God's hand in your life!!

This week has been really great though! Sis Tan and I are contacting as many people as possible and finding as many excuses to talk to people.. From having flat tires and meeting potentials at bike shops, or going into an Indomaret and contacting people in there. We really need new investigators and I have absolute faith that there is a convert, needed to be found here in Jebres!! We are not here to baptize members, we are here to teach repentance and baptize those converts. 

Aku sangat senang tuk melayani di sini. Saya sangat mengasihi pekerjaanNya dan anakNya. Saya mengasihi Jerusalamatku dan Penebus! Bersyukur baaannngggeeetttt!! 

Jangan lupa bahagia :)
Tetap semangat, tetap semanka ya? ;)

dengan kasih,
Sister Ratu :)

the solo jebres & banjarsari sisters :)

our bule and Indo friend from pday!!

if you look carefully, you will find a rat 

its the little things

 twinning and winning!

                                                                          marta dan maria :)


our roti bakar BFF

 gingy bff :)

nana dan sis yuni :)

 susu choklat dan susu kelapa ayoooo!!!

my fruit stand bff

first thing I buy every pday morning :)

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