Tuesday, June 13, 2017

On my 6th month on the mish, Bapa Surgawi gave to me..

A transfer call on Monday to leave for Malang on WEDNESDAY!!

As of last Wednesday, I am officially serving in Jawa Timor, in
Malang. This last week was a little hectic to say the least, but super
exciting. Last Tuesday, I had to quickly pamitan with the wonderful
people in Solo Jebres. And I am so so sooo thankful for the time I
have had there because I have grown to fall in love with Jebres, and I
am sad to have left, but excited for Malang. I am so filled with
gratitude for the members and my investigators in Jebres, and Jebres
will always have a special place in my heart :''')

Soo.. Tuesday was my farewell day in Solo, Wednesday was when I
arrived to Malang, Friday was when we went to Surabaya for Zone Conf,
terus, Sunday was when we went to Surabaya again for Konfrensi
DIstrik! A lot of traveling in just a few days and I may or may not
get motion sickness hahahahah I am ALIVE and well though :))

MALANG: a beautiful land, that is so busy! so many cars, so many
people, so many hills! everyone is smiling and the food here is
spicier than Solo (OH YA BRING IT ON BABY), and bahasa Java here is
khasar.. different than Solo juga! OK AND RUMORS ARE TRUE- IT IS
ACTUALLY COOLER HERE??? sooooo weird!! I am not sweating like I just
ran 15 miles everyday! and FOR THE FIRST TIME IN INDO I WAS ACTUALLY

REKANKU: SISTER ROWNTREE! She is the FUNNIEST person alive. We work so
well together, and I have never laughed so hard in my life with her.
She is scared of all things bug related- including butterflies. She
loves to work hard, and she loves to sing and play the uke too! So we
are putting hymns together and primary songs and what not, and it is

THE BRANCH: the members here.. luar biasa!! And my district here is so
great too! They are all filled with so much love and so much light. I
am way stoked to work with the members and the missionaries here.

We are both new to the area. Sis Rowntree has only been here for a
month, and then she went to Jakarta for a couple weeks, then came
back. And I am new.. so we are basically white washing. It is quite
the adventure, and miracles always happen when we put our best foot
forward, with faith in God, and an eye single to the glory of God.

THIS IS HIS WORK! Saya tahu gereja ini benar!

Aku mengasihi kamu dan jangan lupa bahagia!
xo SIS RATU :)

uskup and his fam :)

our solo district :)

ibu tanti :)

ibu liez :)

 my fave fam in jebres <3




the new distrik fam


angotta di malang :)

nukes lagi<3

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