Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 8: Tis I, Sister Ratatouille

What is up keluarga saya!! Sista Vinny in the house!!! 

Week 2 in ye olde Pleasant View in the land of North Ogden is one for the books. A few things I've learned: no one can still say my last name, so I am known as Sister Ratatouille or Sister who is waiting for her Visa. A senior couple in my district, Sister Richie, calls me Sister Mouse-A-Old-Woman - instead of Sister Rat-A-New-Man. The people here are funny. There is another Pacific Islander Elder in my area, and whenever members or kids see us in the same room, they all say "You guys could be related!!" HAHA actually, no we are not, we are just both brown!! I love it. It kills me everytime. It's always a good time being the minority. #proud2bebrown 

Oh, it snowed a ton this week! Apparently, this is the most snow they've gotten in years. And let me tell ya, most snow I've ever seen in my whole life. There's a lot and it's real nippy out here too. The coolest thing about Pleasant View is that there are unlimited Popsicles here. Seriously, under the roof and under the cars, under the staircases. They're everywhere. Great afternoon snack! (Click on first attachment below) 

Another hard week, but every day I continue to see God's hand in my life. 
Some miracles: 
- Rosa is on baptismal date for February 18! She is a very humble, loving, and kind woman. She has been praying for a date to be baptized on, and we committed her to the 18th. She is very faithful in following Jesus Christ, and she is always on top of her scripture reading and praying everyday. I am truly so happy for her!!  Last week, Lynne and her daughter Savannah also committed to getting baptized on February 18th. Miracles!! So many tears of joy! 

- We met a man from Burman(country next to Thailand) at a sushi stand in a grocery store. He came to the USA, knowing no English, and he is the only Christian in his Buddhist family. He loves Jesus Christ, and he is interested in hearing our message about Christ. I am so excited to help him! He doesn't know a ton of English, so I am praying that simple words and the power of the Spirit will get our message across. 

Tender Mercies: 
Blue bird skies on a snowy day!! Pretty sure that's the term haha. It sure is a tender mercy to have the sun out and blue skies after days of snow storms!! I cried happy tears when the sun was out, no joke. My comp just stared at me like I was crazy.. who am I kidding, I am crazy LOL but HALLLLOOO MATAHARI!! ANDA ADALAH TEMAN TERBAIK SAYA!!! 
- a very kind stranger gave us cafe Rio gift cards.. more tears of gratitude... Oh sister Nuku and I finally went to cafe Rio together:,) we have been talking about going for the last 6 weeks, you know it was a happy moment! 
- seeing my beloved rekan saya- sis Nuku so often and studying Bahasa Indonesia together and eating chocolates together hahaha forever my soul Sister 
- a very sweet member who literally has a chocolate factory down stairs hahah she gave us some of her chocolates and bread sticks <3 
- FINALLY GOT SOME SNOW BOOTS HAHA NOW MY FROZEN SAUSAGE TOES WILL BE WARM MCDONALD'S BFAST SAUSAGE TOES! A nice grandma from the ward lent me them. They look like Napoleon Dynamite's moon boots, so I'm pretty pumped about that. (Click on second attachment below)
- and of course, my loyal friends that send me pictures of pugs. It's the little things!!

- We met the sweetest old lady who lives across the street. She just sits on her chair and crochets, and watches the world go by through her window. She told us that she watches us leave every morning and always thought elders picked us up.. HAHAHA, we told her no, that isn't allowed at all!! Too funny. She's a member, and she's our new best friend. 

In all honesty- I have never experienced more stress, more frustration, and I've never cried as hard and more often than I have ever done so in my life. But I've learned that as I study and ponder more, fast with purpose, and pray harder and more often than I have ever before.. I have felt more joy, more love, more peace, and I've learned to love people in every situation I find them. I have felt God's help. If you're struggling, I know that God will send His angels to be with you. He will not leave you comfortless. D&C 84:88!! Christ said to his disciples," Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth, as I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

The greatest lesson I learned this week and continue to remind myself everyday is: forget yourself, and remember Him, because He always remembers you. I am working in being patient with myself, and His Plan. I have realized that part of faith is realizing that everything will be taken care of. If you don't know what to do in any situation, don't worry. Revelation will come. Just have confidence that trials will bring blessings.

"Faith is not only trusting in His wisdom, but it is trusting in His love." Trusting that all the trials you face in life, are because He loves you, and He knows what's best for you. That the trials will build you into who He sees you to become for your eternal happiness.

Alma 26:11-12- 11
11 But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.
12 Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.

Jangan lupa bahwa Allah akan membantu anda dengan semua hal hal. Minta dan anda akan menerima! Saya mengasihi anda dengan semua hati saya:)

Have a blessed week!! I am praying for you all!! Don't forget to smile and don't forget to pray!! Pet a dog!!
Your favorite brown/home girl/sista missionary,
Sister Vinny Ratunuman!!

If you would like to make my hot (mail) bling, you know where to email me
If you would like to slide into my DM (direct mailbox), this is my address-
434 West Elberta, Pleasant view, UT 84414

I sure do love you! 

beloved doges of North Ogden 

snow men need the gospel too! 

my favorite kind of popsicle.. ice ice baby... (stop collaborate & listen....)

initial reaction when the sun decided to come out:))))

my Napoleon Dynamite moon boots HAHA so ugly I love it

 my beloved mtc zone!! Love you guys so much! 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Weeks 6/7: Sampi Jumpa MTC & Frozen Lil Piggies


(disclaimer: longest email I have ever sent SO IM SORRY HAHA THIS IS A NUTSHELL OF TWO WEEKS)

Sorry I haven't  been able to email in two weeks because last week I was heading out that morning and didn't have time! But- this week's email title is brought to you because: my last week at the MTC with my beloved teachers and missionaries there. And, frozen Lil Piggies because that is a literal and 110% accurate description of my feet for the last week since I have been temporarily reassigned to the Utah Logan mission until my VISA comes in. I have no idea when it comes in.. they could call me tomorrow or in 3 or 6 weeks.. so I'm living like everyday is my potential last day here which means I'm working with all of my heart and soul!!

So yes indeed, it has been a really crazy two weeks!!! BUT IT'S ALSO BEEN SO GOOD CRAZY UPS DOWNS HOTS AND COLDS ERRTHANG.

Last week at the MTC: The last 6 weeks of training here have been such an amazing experience. I am forever thankful for my hard working and hilarious teachers and missionaries that I have met there. Shout out to our Southeast Asia Zone- every single one of you have a special spot in my heart!! Thank you for your testimonies and love, and now I have a little piece of each of you in my heart (insert happy tears) Whenever I see bananas here, I try to call someone with it, and no one else thinks it's funny HAHAHA I don't know what's wrong with people, it's hilarious! Cambodia, Thailand, Hmongland;), Malaysia, & Mongolia are going to get the greatest missionaries yet. Keep working hard and playing hard! Drink your chocolate milk, make banana phone calls, play four square and v ball, read your scriptures, speak your language, love love love, with all of your heart, continue to trust in our Savior & Heavenly Father!

Last weekend: There were 5 of us leaving. 2 malay sistas- sis Hoeft & huey, and then the Infamous Indo trio- sis Nuku & I, and our solo Elder Nielsen. We were planning on heading out to Malay and Indonesia together on Monday.. but the Friday before, the Indo Trio got letters after lunch informing us that we have been temporarily reassigned because our Visa didn't come in. Sis Nuku & I are serving in Logan together which is such a blessing, but our Elder is reassigned to Seattle and we sure do miss him! Kami mengasihi anda dan kami semangat bertemu lagi di Indonesia! This meant we needed to find winter clothes asap.. and luckily the MTC let us borrow snow coats for now!! To be honest this was a rough adjustment and I was pretty discouraged.. but I know God has a plan! Our Visas will come in His timing and there are God's children everywhere that need to hear this gospel. 

Logan Utah Mission: WADU IT IS A BIT NIPPY OUT! Our first day, it was a whopping 0 degrees. And it's always snowing a ton! More than I have ever seen in my life, but then again I am from southern California soooo.... My first area is called Pleasant view and my trainer is Sister Broyles. If you happen to see a black moving blob in a midst of a snow storm, that is Sister Ratunuman for ya!! If you don't know where Logan is, it's northern Utah and a lot colder than Provo hahaha. The members here are so kind. They take good care of us. The area varies from well off families to struggling and very poor. Most of the time, we are in the trailer homes park where many aren't members, have drug problems, family problems, and what not, and it's extremely powerful to listen to their story and tell them that there is a God that knows and loves them. There is a lot of work to be done here.

Comp: sis nuku, my soul sista/rekan saya, is in my zone, and we get to do language study together which is super nice. I love seeing her and it is a tender mercy that we get to serve here in Logan and eventually in Indonesia too :) missing my old comp, but new comp is good. We have our differences and I'm trying my best to patient and loving! It's funny cuz all she talks about is her boyfriend who she wants to marry when she's off her mission (she has 10 months left..) and I'm here talking about all the cute dogs we see in all the homes HAHA. She farts a ton too, sorry totally unnecessary but also necessary because someone please send me Febreze SOS.... I need a gas mask!! I wouldn't mind if she gave me warnings, but she DOESNT!! don't worry I will bring this up in comp inventory 

Funny: -reactions I get when I say I'm from California (they expect me to say somewhere crazy cuz I'm brown lol)
- the attempts with my last name.. ex: ratunia, ratun, rat-atat, and the classic ratatouille
- lack of winter clothes I have and the amount of times I 'use the restroom' in a home only to dunk my feet in hot water to ease my frozen Lil Piggies toes Zhahahahahah
- the amount of dogs there are here.. everyone has one and it makes my heart happy
- the casual appearance of guns on tables in sketchy trailer homes hahaha they always say they gotta protect themselves late at night.. it isn't the safest area, but don't worry, they protect us haha
- my intro vs comps introduction: I love the beach, I love people, I love pugs and dogs, and I love to Rollerblade and I love playing the guitar and uke and I love music!" And "I'm so excited to marry my boyfriend who's almost home from his mission and we will get married right when I get home!"

- our recent convert Arlene, who has such a powerful testimony and so much faith in God. She literally has her dogs, and some change in her pocket, and she is willing to pay tithing. She wants to keep all His commandments and strive to give God her everything. Truly inspiring.
- members and investigators ask me to pray and bear my testimony in Indonesian and it's incredible how even though I speak a different language, the Spirit is still so strong.
- feeling God's love through the people I'm teaching and meeting. 
- committed Lynne to baptism on Feb 18th. Her whole family!! Seriously, so many happy tears, you have no idea. Her husband will baptize them!

This was a long email, I'm so sorry haha. This was two emails in one so my B;)
I know that this is in God's plan and everyday I'm learning so much more of how to teach, act, think, and love as our Savior Jesus Christ does. Missionary work is really tough, but i have literally felt God's arms wrapped around me and I have felt Jesus Christ beside me as I plow through the snow to find people to serve and teach and love. It would mean the world to me if you all could just pray for the people here in Logan and in Indonesia!! There are people ready to hear the gospel of Jesus christ, and we've found a couple, but I know there's more!

I love you with all of my heart.
Saya mengasihi anda dengan semua hati saya.

Christ lives. Turn to Him. God hears you. Pray for His guidance and strength!

Dengan kasih,
Sister Ratunuman 

New address: 434 West Elberta, Pleasant view, UT 84414
If you love me, send me mail <3

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

WEEK 5: Hey now, HEY NOW!!!


Shoutout to my Lizzie McGuire Movie fans- but on the real, my dreams are coming true because:

1) Sister Nuku and I got to skype an Indonesian woman and we taught her about the power of prayer! And let me tell you- the internet connection might have been a little bad, but the Spirit was so strong! It was so wonderful. The whole time we had this huge grin on our face because we were actually talking to a real Indo speaking real Bahasa Indonesian and preaching the WONDERFUL AND REAL GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!!! it made us SO excited to teach the sweet people of Indonesia. 

2)WE GOT OUR FLIGHTS PLANS!! We leave for Indonesia on Monday- the 16th! From SLC, to LAX, then LAX to Hong Kong. Then Hong Kong to the blessed land of Indonesia :) Happy tears for days :,) So stoked, it is UNREAL!! Sister Nuku (my comp), Elder Nielsen (other comp, he is a solo elder), SIs Hoeft & Sis Huey (the Malay sisters) are all traveling together till we get to Hong Kong. Then the Malays will head to Singapore and we will head to Jakarta. 

3) Last week in the MTC!!! The weeks have flown by. the saying "the days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days" is a real thing haha. I have grown so much here, and I know I have so much more to learn and grow from when I am out in the field. My district and zone have been my family away from home here. And I have realized that one of the reasons why I was meant to leave on Dec 7th- which was much later than I expected, is because God knew I needed my comp, and my district, and zone, and how God truly has the most perfect Plan! 

I know that there are people out in Indonesia that wake up everyday not knowing that we have a Heavenly Father- who loves us and we love Him. People that don't know that we have a Redeemer, a Savior. Our Friend and Brother- Jesus Christ. And that because of Christ, we can repent, and return to live with them. They want us to be happy! I know that through this gospel- the gospel of Jesus Christ- we can be so happy!!

I am happy! I am so happy to be a representative of Jesus Christ and to wear His name on my badge everyday. I am so excited to be heading out to Indonesia so soon and I am so thankful for the love, support, and encouragement I get from you all. Whether if it's a sentence long email or a letter or something, it means the whole world to me to know and feel of your love!!

HAVE SUCH A BLESSED WEEK!!! Please pray for me & my comps as we travel to Indonesia and for the sweet people there to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and to feel of God's love!!

I pray for you all!
Saya mengasihi anda dengan semua hati saya :)

Sister Ratunuman 

                                                                               FLIGHT PLANS

                                             How to stay awake during personal study: hot cheetos 

                                                          Bye Elder Lor! our cambos & indos & malays



                                                                                   rekan saya :)

                                                                                     sistas pt 2

                                                                                        zone fam :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


What is up keluarga!!! (fam) ;) 

This week's title is brought to you by- not an Indo word HAHA. I attempted to spell it, but in Thai ( thx to our thais in my district) it means SERIOUSLY??? because...

IM LEAVING TO INDONESIA IN TWO WEEKS!!!!! I cannot believe it!!! 
To be honest, last night I was kinda hit with a ton of emotions. I am so excited, and I'm nervous, and then there's the language, and then I'm worried I don't know enough, etc. etc.,

BUT- here's what I do know and what I do have. I may not have the most spectacular knowledge of all things gospel related, and I may not speak Bahasa Indonesia perfectly, but I do know that God will help me! I do know that Jesus Christ is with me and He understands me perfectly. I do know that I am giving Him all I have, and in return, He will make up for the rest. I can't learn Indonesian, I can't teach the gospel, and I can't adjust to all these things, UNLESS, I fully give my heart to God and know that I am His instrument in His hands.. and I have a desire, faith, love, and a testimony of my Savior- and because of that, I know God helps me and I know that God is pulling me apart and putting me back together, into the missionary He knows I am meant to become. 

Selamat tahun baru!!!: 
I hope that everyone had a really wonderful New Years!! As I thought about what I could do to be a better missionary this year, I thought of how I need to be more like Christ and the love that He has. A story that kinda stuck this thought was this- Jesus Christ handpicked all 12 of His apostles.. He knew beforehand that one of them would betray Him. And that apostle was Judas, and yet Jesus Christ STILL continued to treat Judas as if he was never going to betray him. Jesus loved and served His apostles- every single one, and even every person He came in contact with. How amazing is that? Christ is truly the most perfect example and that is the kind of love we should strive to give! No matter the person, no matter what they have done/will do, no matter who they are- Christ loves them! Christlike love is the catalyst to all things good, and I am thankful for our Savior, and His example of pure love. 

Roasting time:
My comp SIs Nuku is an absolute nut. This Aussie is also my best friend and my constant source of laughter. We sure do have a goood time together and we also work hard and teach with The Spirit. Here's a list of some weird things she says hahajahajah
shopping trolly= grocery cart, potato gems = tater tots, she has never had a tootsie roll and doesn't know what Chik fil A is??, torches = flashlights, jumping castle = bounce house, and rock melon = cantaloupe?????? HAHA no worries, I will educate this young Australian soul ;) 

Saya mengasihi anda dengan semua hati!!! 
Saya tahu Allah adalah Bapa Surgawi dan saya tahu bawha Yesus Kristus dan Allah mengasihi semua orang <3

(stay safe, dont die, eat rice)

dengan kasih,
Sister Ratunuman 

                                                                        1. reckan saya!

                                                                              2. snow :,)

                                                                    3. malays & indo sisters

                                                                  4. my district :,) (missing two)

      5. my meds hahahahha I have been so sick since I got to the MTC but no worries I'm feeling so good today!

                                                                        6. class shenanigans

                                                        7. class shenanigans pt 2 feat malays