Friday, August 4, 2017

Happy FOURTH OF JULY!! - July 2

or should I say, Happy 4 bowls of Mie??? Because the other day, Sister Rowntree ironically tells me that she could eat Mie (noodles) for bfast, lunch, and dinner. And the next day, we had Mie Pangsit for breakfast- right near our house, and then for lunch- members fed us 2 bowls of Mie, and then for dinner, our investigators took us to their fave warung which sells MIE OF COURSE!! Oh my golly, I have never felt so full in my life. I think I could've rolled my way home. I was about to explode from Mie overload. #miekindofday
MALANG IS POPPIN! We are working so hard, and miracles are happening. We had three of our investigators come to church this week, and we were so stoked out of our minds.
My time is so short today, but I wanted to tell you about our new investigator last night:
We went over to an inactive member's home, and we ended up teaching his kids. He has a 9-year-old, who is the coolest, and funniest person I have ever met, and he is not a member yet. But he knows how to pray and he loves Jesus Christ. As we were discussing more about prayer, he interrupts and sincerely asks: How do I follow Jesus Christ? How do I know what God wants me to do? If they go this direction, and I go another, how do I know I am going the right way? Is is through a malaikat (angel) or a nabi (prophet)? My heart EXPLODED! This child is sincerely seeking for truth! He just wants to know how to follow his Savior, Jesus Christ. We had a very heartfelt lesson about God's love for us, as His children, and how today, we are still led by a prophet, Thomas S Monson.
This child touched my heart and made me understand more deeply of why Jesus Christ so tenderly cares and loves and talks about children. In 3 Nefi 17, He tells us to 'behold your little ones' and in Mosiah 3:19, we must 'become like a child- meek, submissive, humble'- willing to learn, and grow closer to our Savior Jesus Christ. We must become like children- in a way of being meek and humble and will to submit to God's Will.
I love Malang! I love being a missionary! I know with every fiber of my being that Heavenly Father truly loves and knows you personally.  He will never leave you comfortless! He has NOT left us comfortless, for we have a prophet, Thomas S Monson, who leads and guides us today. I love my Savior, and I know He loves you! I know Heavenly Father is taking care of you, because I asked him to!
I love and miss you all! 

"Recognize the hard times as a growth opportunity- remembering that God never sends anything your way that is bad for you. He only gives His children experiences that are good for them- how could He as a perfect, loving parent, do anything different."
ps- sis rowntree and I are making a STARFISH series, in which we take Star jump pics once everyday. it cheers us up when times are hard :''') hashtag-livin the starfish way

the MIE day HAHAH

Kampung Warna HOW COOL IS THIS PLACE :")

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