Friday, March 17, 2017

week 2: "if you are American, why do you look like me?"


Indonesia is soooooooooo crazy and hilarious and amazing and hot and I dont really know how to describe it, but man, I love this place more and more everyday. I have never sweated so much in my life!! And I have never smiled so much in my life. I feel like a portion of my heart has been filled, a piece I didnt even realize was missing. 

Again, short on time, I am sorry!!!

1- MY TRAINER IS SISTA HYPE AKA SISTER HYDE!! my friend from byu!! She is incredible, reminds me of a disney princess, and is an absolute beast at bahasa. we have so much fun together, and we work really really hard. LOVE HER and feeling so blessed with the greatest trainer ever. 

2- I love Indos because they are straight up. They will tell you if you are sweaty, if your dress looks weird, if your bahasa is good or bad, if you are pretty or ugly, etc. and its sooo hilarious. 

3- we bike the streets here in SOLO and lemme just que 1000 miles for you by Vanessa Carlton- MAKIN MY WAY DOWN TOWN, BIKIN FAST, FACES PASS, AND IM INDO BOUND DA DAD DAD DAD. Hahahaha it is seriously like a video game on steroids but real life or death situation.. pot holes, people running across, cats, dogs, motor bikes, cars, bikes, etc. 
- i lost my IBU/TRAINER!!! we were making a turn and i thought I was following her, but turns out it was NOT her. And i was so scared. I pulled over, said a prayer, biked down the street some more, and borrowed a phone from this man that works the bike thing and carries people around. I almost cried when I called the sister in Jakarta- sis bourelle, then i found sis hydes number, then elder poff, the ap called, and then i found my ibu. HAHA it was so funny/scary/AWESOME. But i am safe and sound, no worries. The man I borrowed the phone from is now such a homie and waves at us eveerytime we bike by. 

4- I am a BULE (white person) THAT LOOKS LIKE A NATIVE WHICH IS SUCH A PROBLEM!!! Makes some good stroies too because everrrrryyyyyyonneee we contact talks to me and then as the penguins of madagascar would say- SMILE AND WAVE BOYS, SMILE AND WAVE, and then Sis Hype is the one that can really understand and respond. One day I will be like a native, but for now, I am simply a brown bule. 

An Indonesian called me a 'beaner' the other day. I dont think he knew it was a racist term for a Mexican HAHA I think he thoguht it meant a 'brown american'

I cant stop laughing, I love this place.



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