Thursday, March 30, 2017

WEEK 4: rice, rice BABY

hello sweet fam and friends!

another incredible and beautiful week in Solo Jebres!

Quicky update-
I had my first Zone Conference last week! We got to meet with the whole zone, and with President and SIster Rowley! It was incredible and so great to be spiritually uplifted and SO PUMPED FOR MISSIONARY WORK!!! 

I went on splits with Sister Patton right after and lets just say that I have only been here for a couple of weeks and I am not yet familiar with these streets.. With the guidance of the Spirit, we were able to meet wonderful people and we ended up meeting some less actives while asking for directions! I know that as missionaries we are called to be the shephard- to find the Lord's lost sheep and to bring them back into the fold

This week I ate chicken feet and I flew off my bike (what a surprise) hahaha. No problem though, because I am sure angels were protecting me because I just flew off and walked away with no scrapes or bruises. For reals, hash tag BLESSED. The spiders here jump and they are the scariest things I have ever experienced since Chem285... And of course, everyone still continues to speak to me in Bahasa JAVA aka a different language, not bahasa indonesian, because they all think I am a native. HAHAHAH.

miracle: our investigators committed to baptism!! ahhh!! Seriously so amazing and so exciting. they are making so much progress, and working hard to read the book of mormon, and pray, and all. 

i love being a missionary here! there are miracles everyday and I truly feel so blessed. I know this is God's work! I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. Jesus Christ lives!!


and i almost left my house wearing my jandals sos

i love you!!
dont forget to smile and be thankful!!

sister ratunuman :) 

WEEK 3: I am as black as the concrete

Every day here is as sweet as can be. I really love serving here in the wonderful land of SOLO JEBRES! How do I even sum up every week? I really do not know how to sum up this week, because every day is just a new and crazy adventure with lots of highs and lows and it really is just so amazing!

Indonesia.. is AMAZING! I fall in love with the people and everything about the country and more every single day! Here are some fun facts!
1- everyday is so hot! I am so dark now (sorry mom and dad) and everyone tells me to wear a jacket because I am too hitam (black) LOL. When I say I am from Indo and America, they all think I am related to Obama... nah man, no i am not HAHA
2- the people here are the most humble, most kind, most loving humans ever. they will let us in, and offer us drinks and food, even when they live in a teeny tiny home with barely anything. 
3- everyone works soo hard. so hard. it is incredible. and being in a third world country makes me think of how blessed we seriously are to have the little things like clean water, and clean food, and no mosquitoes, etc. also makes me feel so blessed to have eyebrows to avoid the sweat from dripping in my eyes hahahhahaha
4- biking the streets of solo is still quite an adventure. near death expertiences every day are given, but i am telling you- God is protecting me big time! I know He protects His missionaries for sure, and also, I feel your prayers from home! Thank you so much for your love and support, it means so much to me.
One experience this week I would like to share with ya! So yes, as you know, everyday I need to explain to every single person I meet as to why I look like an Indonesian and how my dad is from Bali, mom is from Manado, I was born in America, etc. So clearly I am still learning the language. I have a better clarity of understanding some things- not all for sure. But we were contacting some people in this warung, and I was soooo nervous to contact. I literally felt so afraid to speak to someone because I knew my language wasnt perfect. But then the though came into my head from Elder Hollands "Open Thy Mouth" talk- IF YOU WANNA PUNCH SATAN IN THE FACE, OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND TESTIFY OF OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!" And you know I did!! Take that Satan!! And that afternoon we contacted five people, shared our testimonies and the book of mormon, and got their numbers and addresses!! I know for a fact that Heavenly Father blesses us if we are obedient and willing to do what is asked! I know He will fill our mouths with the right words in order the help His children come unto Jesus Christ!!
Anyways- I am sorry no pictures this week because we are emailing in a sketch warnet. But next week for sure!! Just imagine some pictures of me drenched in sweat with a smile on my face and a coconut water and kitab mormon in my hand, going no hands down a hill on my bike ;)
I am so happy to be serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of L:atter Day Saints! I feel so blessed to be an instrument in His hands and to love and testify to God's children here in Indonesia. The work is so good, so hard, so amazing, and so incredible! A great and marvelous work INDEED!!!
ps- every one here reminds me of someone in my family.. ex: david, shout out to the little brother, there are sooo many teenagers that look like you here AND IT FREAKS ME OUT HAHAH IM LIKE YO THATS MY BROTHER EXCEPT HE SPEAKS INDONESIAN WAAADDDDUUUDUU!!!!??!
hati hati, MAKAN NASI!
Sister Ratunuman :)

Friday, March 17, 2017

week 2: "if you are American, why do you look like me?"


Indonesia is soooooooooo crazy and hilarious and amazing and hot and I dont really know how to describe it, but man, I love this place more and more everyday. I have never sweated so much in my life!! And I have never smiled so much in my life. I feel like a portion of my heart has been filled, a piece I didnt even realize was missing. 

Again, short on time, I am sorry!!!

1- MY TRAINER IS SISTA HYPE AKA SISTER HYDE!! my friend from byu!! She is incredible, reminds me of a disney princess, and is an absolute beast at bahasa. we have so much fun together, and we work really really hard. LOVE HER and feeling so blessed with the greatest trainer ever. 

2- I love Indos because they are straight up. They will tell you if you are sweaty, if your dress looks weird, if your bahasa is good or bad, if you are pretty or ugly, etc. and its sooo hilarious. 

3- we bike the streets here in SOLO and lemme just que 1000 miles for you by Vanessa Carlton- MAKIN MY WAY DOWN TOWN, BIKIN FAST, FACES PASS, AND IM INDO BOUND DA DAD DAD DAD. Hahahaha it is seriously like a video game on steroids but real life or death situation.. pot holes, people running across, cats, dogs, motor bikes, cars, bikes, etc. 
- i lost my IBU/TRAINER!!! we were making a turn and i thought I was following her, but turns out it was NOT her. And i was so scared. I pulled over, said a prayer, biked down the street some more, and borrowed a phone from this man that works the bike thing and carries people around. I almost cried when I called the sister in Jakarta- sis bourelle, then i found sis hydes number, then elder poff, the ap called, and then i found my ibu. HAHA it was so funny/scary/AWESOME. But i am safe and sound, no worries. The man I borrowed the phone from is now such a homie and waves at us eveerytime we bike by. 

4- I am a BULE (white person) THAT LOOKS LIKE A NATIVE WHICH IS SUCH A PROBLEM!!! Makes some good stroies too because everrrrryyyyyyonneee we contact talks to me and then as the penguins of madagascar would say- SMILE AND WAVE BOYS, SMILE AND WAVE, and then Sis Hype is the one that can really understand and respond. One day I will be like a native, but for now, I am simply a brown bule. 

An Indonesian called me a 'beaner' the other day. I dont think he knew it was a racist term for a Mexican HAHA I think he thoguht it meant a 'brown american'

I cant stop laughing, I love this place.



Wednesday, March 8, 2017


hello!! Sister Ratunuman reporting LIVE in the motherland...

Indah Indonesia!!!

I am soooo happy to be here!! After a long long long day of flights, we finally made it. Feeling soo hashtag blessed. From SLC to LAX, LAX to HONGKONG, HONGKONG to JAKARTA!! Meeting a cute Indo family along the way and Thai flight attendants was such a tender mercy too!! Embarking this great adventure with my bffs, Sis Nuku and Elder Nielsen of course. And I apologize, this email will be a little short cuz I am short on time, but know that I am just living the life here. I love being a missionary here and I love everything here.

If I were to put every cute little Indonesian in my pocket, I would weigh a 1000 pounds and If I were to describe what an angkot (mini vans that go around town and stuff people in HAHA) and bus rides here, I would say- close your eyes and imagine that you are on the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland, surrounded by sweaty people, and smiling faces.. Hahaha all I can say is INDONESIA IS SO NUTS I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! Indos just smile and wave and say 'pagi' or 'siang' and its soo great. Everyone is so nice. Americans need to do that more hahahah. 

so yeah,
angkots are so crazy, probably the highlight of my day everyday is getting in this van that swerves from here to there, stuffed with people. the traffic here is worse than california.. that is BAD haha and there is no such thing as driving regulations.. People are everywhere!! Which is the best part. It is so easy to walk down the street and smile and greet everyone you meet. Everyone is so friendly and loving and kind, even when they talk to a coconut like me. (coconut- brown on the outside, and clearly white and american on the inside)

THE FOOD HERE IS SOMETHIN ELSE!!! It is soooooo awesome. Everyday is quite the adventure. For reals, I havent smiled and laughed and sweated and dwelt in my confusion so much in one week hahahahah.

Every day is a blessing to wake up here and to testify of Jesus Christ everyday!!  I LOVE INDONESIA!!! And I am so blessed and so thankful that I get to serve here!! I am so thankful for the experience I had in Logan. The people there blessed my life immensely. And I am so thankful to be here. I am so thankful to be learning the lagunage, slowly but surely, and above all, I am so thankful to serve Gods children here in Indonesia. 

"Behold I am a disciple of Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have eternal life."- 3 Nephi 5:13

Anywho, I love you all! Thank you for the support and the love!! 
Oh and I was serving in Jakarta this week waiting for my travel permit, and I am going to my first area tomorrow (Monday)- SOLO!!!!! STOKED OUTTA ME MIND!!! 
love you guys!

dengan kasih,
your indo sis
Sister Ratunuman