Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Hello!! This is Sister Ratunuman, reporting to you LIVE! This will be my last email in the US of A, and the next time I email I will be in the motherland of INDONESIA! This week will be nuts. Saying goodbyes to everyone, temple trip with President Allred, packing, and heading back up to Logan on Sunday, and leaving Indo on Monday the 27th! STOKED OUTTA MY MIND IT'S UNREALLL

Ye olde Pleasant View is real great. Missionary work is different here.. a lot of work with less actives, and a lot of finding. Even though we are in Utah, there is soo much work to be done. The people are wonderful, the dogs are great, the sun is shining, sunsets are stellar.

So this next week I will be soaking up my last..
- real shower in a real bathroom
- real toilets 
- toilet paper
- slice of pizza 
- cafe Rio run 
- nice apartment 
- admiration of gingers (idk if theres gingers in indo???) :/ 
- days being a minority.. I'm ready to be a part of the brown people majority lol 

And can I just say that I have been so blessed to have this opportunity to serve here!? It has been an amazing opportunity. I have met people that have impacted my experience here for the better, and I am beyond excited to come back up to Pleasant View after the mission and visit the people here. I've learned so much here, and lately, I've really felt so strongly that this is a part of God's Plan. There are times when I'm knocking on doors and talking to the people here, or teaching a lesson, or sitting in church, and I get the warmest reassurance of peace, comfort, and of God's love, that this is what He needs me to be doing and where I need to be. 

V-Day was probably the best V-Day I've ever had hahahah. It was so filled with joy!! Rekan saya and I exchanged gifts. She got me a cute Lil pug, and she is my soul sister. Beyond thankful I get to have her as my comp at the Mtc, for her to be in Logan Utah, and soon Indo:) 

We had a ton of roses, and notes for our recent converts, potentials, investigators, less actives, members that have supported us, and widows. Visiting each person and giving them a rose and a little note on V day was really filled with lots of love. I loved seeing everyone and I loved watching their faces light up. This was also good because we would see people on the sidewalks and hand roses out with our pass along cards!! Missionary work is a joy I'm tellin ya! 

I had exchanges with my sister training leader, Sister Lowe this week! She's my friend from BYU and we were SO happy when we found out we were serving together here. She is the greatest. This day was by far my favorite day out of my whole experience here for a lot of reasons. We met really amazing people, encountered a very peculiar person, taught a great lesson, and overall, I've never laughed, smiled, happy cried so much that day with Sister Lowe!

1- one wonderful person we met- Grandpa Lundwall. Biggest heart, filled with kindness. Shared his story with us, and how he takes care of his wife who had a stroke, and he calls himself the happiest man alive because he gets to take care of his wife. We shared a message, and he helped us out with the area. He made us cry because he was so sweet and sincere!! Old people are the best:") he gave us these huge grandpa sweaters so we wouldn't be cold and a book that he wrote about prayer. He was our angel that day!

2- a very peculiar person we encountered door contacting.. here's our convo:
(After getting to know Him, we asked him about his beliefs of God and Christ) 
Him: I only believe in science. A higher power maybe.. but not God. Do YOU believe in aliens? Do YOU know what's happening this Oct/Nov???
Me: Well, I do know that my birthday is on October 23rd
Him: No. Not that. The great calypso is happening. Meteor showers. Destroying all of mankind. It says it in the Bible.
Us: Oh, wow.. no way.. where does it say it in there??
Him: Oh, it says it some verses. Not sure. Just look it up on YouTube. 
Then he puts on his crazy eyes and says- It's called Planet X Nebaru. Just get on a computer. Look it up. Don't tell anyone you looked it up. But I need you guys to warn everyone you teach today about Planet X... then he slowly shuts the door....
Us- ok! Have a wonderful day!!! 
Hahahahhaa. We walked away and could not stop laughing. It was nuts. And no, we did not look up planet X HAHA 

 Little boy we met- "My grandparents are very religious. They don't dab like we do."
Us- "Well we are very religious, and we know how to dab.."
Him- "Oh no! Don't dab! Dabbing is of the devil!!!" hahahhahaH

I love being a missionary! It has already been the greatest adventure filled with wonderful people and hilarious moments and the happiest and lowest times. We are working so hard to find more people here, and I have complete faith that Heavenly Father has His children prepared to hear the gospel.. but whether they are members already (which is the case a lot here) and aren't active or are, we as missionaries are to help everyone to come closer to Christ- through service or lessons or being there for them, most importantly loving them!! I really am trying my very very best and working as hard as I can!

A lot of times I can get discouraged, and I can be dissapointed, because I'm having a hard time with my comp and the sweet people we had on date for baptism are now not keeping up with committments aka delaying and potentially cancelling their baptism now, but what more comfort is there in knowing that missionary work is God's work. That we are His instruments! Called of God to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. And that at anytime and any place, we can get on our knees and pray... and let me tell ya, God really does listen to our sincere, and heartfelt prayer of help and strength and comfort.

"There really is light at the end of the tunnel. That light comes from the Son of God." - Jeffrey R Holland 

Never forget that your sister here loves you so much! 

Dengan kasih,
Sister Ratunuman 

rekan saya dan saya! Happy V day!!👲😙


the hales!! My uke fam

bye PV love you!! Ft. My only talent aka my double jointed arm


Grandpa Lundwall!! 


pink skies:") 

 sun + mail = joy!

a RM malay sister that speaks bahasa too:) 

snuggle buds 

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