Tuesday, May 2, 2017

week 8: A 19 Year Long Prayer

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet my sweet family that I have never met the whole 19 years of my life. It was really a special, really sacred moment, and I don't know how else to describe the experience besides the fact that I felt like the hole in my heart was filled! I always felt like a piece of my heart was missing since I never knew my grandparents, sisters, cousins, etc. and I simply found that piece of my heart in their arms that glorious day. My cute family in Manado!! I love them so so so so sooo much!!!!!

I met my Oma and Opa and my two sisters, and I met my cousins, and aunts and uncles. It was easily the happiest moment of my life. I just spent a couple of hours with them, and it was the coolest thing because I felt like I have already known them. I know I have! Before life on Earth, I knew my family! I knew that I have always loved them so much. This miracle was clearly from Heavenly Father and my testimony of His Plan has been strengthened immensely. My testimony of prayer has been strengthened because I know that God truly does answer prayers! 

Every night for the last 19 years, I have knelt down and asked for Heavenly Father to bless my family in Indonesia! That one day, please, let me meet them. One day, I want to hug them and know them and that one day came true. It was a joyful reunion indeed, and I felt the Spirit very strongly. It felt like heaven- and heaven is only heaven because the people you love are there. 

I felt very blessed to be with them and finally hug them! They are AMAZING! Angels! Filled with so much love and happiness and joy! And I KNOW that one day they will accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ because I felt it right then and there. I know that God lives. I Know that He answers prayers. I know that miracles can happen, if we trust in God's timing, and rely on Him. I know that I can be with my family forever- through God's Plan of Salvation. Through His Plan of Happiness! This gospel is true, everlasting happiness! 

How thankful I am to know that yes, God does have a Plan, and yes, He does want His children to return to Him. He has provided us a way, that through Jesus Christ and His Atonement, we can receive a remission of our sins. We can be freed from sorrow and guilt and pain. That through the principles and ordinances of this gospel of Jesus Christ, we can live with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families forever. I know that families can be together forever! What comfort and joy that brings to my soul! there is truly no greater joy that the joy that comes from this gospel!! 

I love you all my sweet family and friends!! This gospel is TRUE!!!

dengan kasih,
Sister Ratunuman :)

Happy tears x1763829140839475093 I love my sweet family :)

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