Tuesday, May 2, 2017


How goes it my sweet family and friends!!!! :)

This week was filled with a lot of realllllly crazy moments and I don't even know where to start. First, I ate durian which is a fruit I ate when I was young, especially from Asian countries, and here in Indo, it is just so incredible!! (Disclaimer: Cover any dogs ears nearby) Second, I hate myself I hate myself I hate myself because I ate ANJING haha doge :( I ate dog and I hate myself because it was actually so delicious but I also teared up because if you really knew me, you know how much I love doges.. 

And by crazy moments, I also mean days where things are going really well, and days where things feel.. well.. yeah. But through it all, I have found complete peace and comfort in Jesus Christ. When I start to forget about my worries and forget about myself, and bike down the street and greet every person I meet with a smile and a 'mongo', then my day is suddenly better. There are days where you need to have a constant prayer in your heart and I guess this week was one of them- just all in a row hahahah. 

Something really neat though- we keep meeting people throughout the week, then meeting them again at the most random places. There is this man that I literally see everywhere and everytime I felt very prompted to talk to him. NEVER DELAY A PROMPTING!! This man's name is Pak Augus and turns out he lives right next to a few members and whether he accepts the gospel now or later, I am sure that one day he will accept it!! 

Alma 26:12!!! In His strength I can do all things :') Happy tears, I just love this gospel. There is nothing I would rather be doing than being a missionary here in Indonesia. 

Here is my address if you wanna send a letter to your sister out in Indo ya! :) 
Jln Senopati NO115, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan Indonesia

ps- I am out of time but I will write about this next week because yeah, there is a LOT to write about AHH... I got to meet my family in Indonesia!!! HAPPIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. I promise I will write about it in my email next week, but I am out of time, and it will take awhile for me to talk about it :) MIRACLES HAPPEN. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. HIS PLAN IS PERFECT!!!!
I love you all!

xo Sister Ratunuman :)

Hugging my oldest sister Sisilia for the very 1st time!

This is my Opa Pai (Mom's Father), he is very ill. Please Pray for him.

My Oma Ratunuman (Dad's Mother)

My Oma Pai (Mom's Mother)

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